This is kind of a personal post, but I wanted to write about something that I am dealing with as of today..I just got my A-level results, and they were totally not what I expected. They were much lower than what I thought, and in one subject I got a U! I decided to write down what i’m feeling, and my thoughts, to help me work out what to make of the whole situation, and how to process it mentally.

Its hard not to think that because my grades were so bad, I am just not that intelligent, and to blame yourself for your own inadequacies. To think to yourself ‘what did I do wrong’ or what’s wrong with me?’, especially when I tried my best in the lead up to the exams and in the actual exams themselves. Like, if that was me at my best, and I still wasn’t good enough for even a pass, then I must be extremely incapable and lacking. But, just looking over this sentence I know in my own mind that I AM NOT UNINTELLIGENT, and I am capable. I am strong, and sharp, and as long I don’t lose faith in myself I will be fine. I can use this event to shape my future going forward, and push myself to do better, and achieve something I am proud of.

Another thing I am just considering, is how when other people that you know took the same A-levels as you did, and did much better, you again look at yourself at think, ‘why did I do so bad then, what’s wrong with me’? You just feel embarrassed and ashamed, and it’s not a good time for your self esteem.

But you just have to REMEMBER, you’re in control of your future from here on out, and if you don’t like how this particular situation went, the YOU have to work to change it, and improve and make something of yourself. And who knows, this can actually push you to go even further than you would have without it!

Canal Life

One of the things I love about where I live is that, just a 5 minute drive down the road, you enter the British countryside full of fields and sunflowers. On weekends, if we’re just at home, my family and I like to drive down to Mercia Marina and just walk alongside the canal.

There is plenty to do here as just recently a HUGE complex was built overlooking the marina, providing not only everything a canal-dweller would need from clothes to supplies for travelling the waterway, and even a pampering beauty parlor!, but also a canal visitor like ourselves. You can trawl the boutiquey (is that a word?hehe) shops and see whats on offer, my personal fave being the beautiful home interior shop called Zing Interiors. Or, you can have an afternoon snack in the coffee shop, and pick up something from the farm shop that’s with it! In the evenings, there is a lovely, classy place to dine in which looks marvellous when all the lights are on.

However, the best thing about going down to the marina is the canal itself. It is always so tranquil and peaceful, and it is so fun to look at all the canal boats lined up along the deck. Each one has its own individuality, and history and stories attached to it. The all look completely different, with bright colours and names. The canal also offers canal boat rides too! So you can hop onto one and take a trip along the marina and get a taste of life on the waterways, and an insight into canal life!

2016-08-07 11.33.44 12016-08-07 11.34.23 12016-08-07 11.34.26 12016-08-07 11.34.24 12016-08-07 11.34.28 12016-08-07 11.34.29 12016-08-07 11.34.33 12016-08-07 11.34.31 12016-08-07 11.34.34 12016-08-07 11.33.07 12016-08-07 11.34.37 12016-08-07 11.34.36 1Hope you enjoyed this, let me know in the comments if the canal looks like somewhere you would love to visit!..and if you like the pictures ;p .Thanks, xoxo

If you want more information on anything I mentioned, here’s a link to Mercia Marina’s website Mercia Marina .

Turkish Coast

Here is a low down of my few days in Oludeniz with my family last summer. Enjoy! 🙂


We touched down in Oludeniz having taken a short flight from Istanbul. We drove to Ovacik, a small village where we had a villa with our own swimming pool, which I was extremely happy about! It was extremely hot when we arrived, as it’s hotter on the Turkish coast than it is in areas like Istanbul. After dropping our bags off in the villa we explored the main road, scoping out the shops and restaurants available near by.

Our villa was just up this drive, the third of three identical villas.

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2016-06-20 02.56.17 1.jpg

The main road (above) had loads of places to eat, along with shops which sold everything you needed for a beach holiday, from sunscreen and swimming goggles to snacks and drinks! They know what they’re doing with tourism in Turkey so we had no worries about any of that. There were actually loads of Brits on holiday here, even more than we had anticipated, so for a second it almost felt like we were back in England. Our favourites, like Cadbury’s chocolate (;p) and Nivea toiletries, were all available!  The restaurants also served things like beans on toast, coco pops and spaghetti bolagnese, alongside Turkish cuisine. We had a bit of both!

Ovacik is overlook by the Babadag mountain and has that road-side, dusty village kinda vibe that you imagine American road trips to have, if you know what I mean? What I guess i’m trying to say that it had a really relaxed, chilled vibe, and being from England we felt right at home..but still like we were on holiday at the same time. So we had the best of both worlds…(Any Hannah Montana fans out there..no, just me, ok 😉 )

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Fethiye Marina at sunset

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Boats offering days trips

Towards dinner time, we took a taxi to Fethiye, a village just 10 minutes away. Here we walked along the harbour, looking at all the boats. There were stalls selling handmade jewellery etc., as well as clothing boutiques and restaurants. We explored, buying a few things, and then found this really cute square with shops selling Turkish delight and all manner of Turkish spices. The local were all sitting outside having dinner, and it was just a really nice evening!

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The Duck Pond..literally!


A dinner spot was suggested to us by the lovely lady in the spice store called Miriam, called the Duck Pond, and we ate there.


The next morning, after breakfast, we asked the locals were to go for a swim, and which beaches were good. This is the way we discovered were to go and what to do; we didn’t really plan in advance where to go, but just asked people there what was good! Wherever you go for travel, I would suggest you try this.

The famous Blue Lagoon which we had heard so much about looked beautiful, but was pretty full so we told our taxi driver to take us to a much quieter beach. However we did stop on the side of the road to take pictures of this gorg. view!

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This tuna salad was so delicious and fresh, and it just tasted TEN times better eating it on the beach, straight after a swim. Yummy!

That evening we had dinner at Cin Bal, a local restaurant which lets you choose your own meat, and then you can barbecue it right by your table! You can also choose to have it cooked by the restaurant’s cooks, which we opted for. It was such a unique dining experience, and was so so tasty. One of the BEST meals i’ve had in my life! We had a feast consisting of sausages, chops, chicken and slow cooked lamb..eaten with lots of yummy Turkish bread. I think it’s safe to say, we left very satisfied.

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On the third day there we had booked a boat trip from Fethiye Marina, so we got there bright and early and set off on our own boat, with a driver, to explore the beautiful blue waters and islets that the Turkish coast had to offer! It was so relaxing to just lie on the top deck as the boat sped along, watching all the little islands and boats go by. I did get a little sea sick, but once we had stopped and I had a little swim I was fine when I got back on the boat.

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We had a lovely lunch on the boat, prepared by  Captain Tom, and he actually had a barbecue on the boat which he cooked all the food on!..So I can now say I have had a full blown BBQ, with all the trimmings, in the middle of the ocean. Hehe 🙂


On our last day we decided to go to the Fethiye Market, a weekly market which sold fresh produce, clothes, bags, shoes..basically everything! If you want to see pictures from that, you can check out my previous blogpost, Fethiye Market, Turkey. That evening we just had a chilled dinner at what had become our ‘go to’ place in Ovacik, a restaurant called Angora. Most of the restaurants there had outdoor dining which is understandable given the gorgeous weather; you can just bask in the shade whilst you have your meal!

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Then early the next morning, sadly, it was time to head to the airport to catch our flight to Istanbul, and then the connecting flight back home. It was an extremely relaxing and memorable trip, and one that my family and I always look back on as a great trip. We definitely found Turkey to be a place to which we would return as it was so beautiful and unique, with the culture and the people being so lovely. I would definitely recommend you book a trip to the Turkish coast for a few days, for a taste of sun, sea and the relaxed Turkish lifestyle!


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I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know down below where you’ve been, or would love to go, for a holiday! I would love to know your recommendations. xoxo



Fethiye Market, Turkey

On a trip to the Turkish coast last summer, on our final day my family and I managed to catch the much renowned ‘Tuesday market’ in Fethiye. The market was huge, winding on and on!, and absolutely packed with eager locals and tourists, both eager to bag some deals 😉 

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Entrance to the Tuesday market in Fethiye

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When you picture Turkey you imagine Bazaars teeming with fresh spices and turkish delight! This market was no exception, as the first stall in the market was a spice stall..in fact one of many!

We passed stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, chatting to locals who had grown all of the produce themselves to sell at the market! They were very passionate and friendly, as each one we passed encouraged us to try their fruit, handing us pieces of one exotic fruit after another to taste which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was a VERY hot day and the fruit was so refreshing. Their whole lifestyle, having all this locally grown produce made me wish I had that here in England!

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We walked through the market, which not only sold produce but also food, bags, shoes and clothing. All in all, it was a successful afternoon. If you travel to Fethiye, or are close by, then I would definetely recommend a trip trip to Tuesday market.

Have you been to any markets were you live? Do you enjoy going to them, and experiencing all the fresh food and hustle bustle? What’s your fave thing about markets? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts on the post too! xoxo 🙂

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The Secret Garden

So recently there has been a craze in ‘adult-colouring’ books, which are basically, well…colouring books for adults. :))

I loved colouring when I was little and  I admit that, until recently, I actually just used to colour in normal, children’s, colouring books. But then I saw these beautiful books, ones like Johanna Basford’s, and I loved the big, detailed pages  full of different patterns. She has quite a few different books that you can choose from. I myself have The Secret Garden, that one was my favourite.


And there are loads of other ones as well, little ones that you can take with you whilst travelling on trains for example, or ones full of just Mandalas that you can colour in. I even saw a Game of Thrones colouring book for those who are fans!

The main idea behind these books it that they’ve been made with the concept of being helpful with stress-relieving/mindfulness. These books aim to be helpful in de-stressing, calming down, that sort of thing. I think this is great!, but even if you don’t have some major issues, or stress, then for those of you who just want to have a little time-out from technology, and relax for a little while, maybe do something creative without getting all ‘Picasso up in here!’ then these are also great.

There’s something comforting about simply focusing on nothing other than whether to colour in those leaves in using dark green or light green, and whether to use a felt-tip or a colour pencil to fill this pattern in. Even just shading in a page with a pencil, at the end of a loong day, can be enough.



One in a Million

I am one amongst the millions of teenagers/young adults at the moment who are part of the sensation revolving around bloggers and youtubers. And I think it’s great! I love watching videos, am a huge consumer of youtube videos, and I just find it relaxing to watch one(or, lets face it, several) of my fave vloggers going through their day, or their wardrobe, or whatever it may be! This is why I think a lot of people feel, and why we watch youtube, and what I love about it personally. It’s just a good way to chill out!

There are so many regular high school students, college or uni students, and even post uni people out there, that just decided one day to start, and just take that chance, and launch their own media platform. I have seen youtubers like Zoella, IntheFrow, LucyandLydia and just felt like ‘I would love to do this!’. But then there are also times when I feel like this field is too filled with so many people out there trying, not to copy, but to take inspiration, and do a similar thing, and express their own thoughts, ideas and takes on things. And no one will even see mine, so what’s the point?! But I don’t really mind if that is the case, I simply want to put my thoughts down, and push myself a little creatively speaking!

So here I am at 11:00 in the morning, in my living room, as an A-level student working from home. This I think is what is good, is that I work from home, I am in the house with free time quite often, so I might as well make use of that and just do it!

I have been thinking/pondering/yearning on this blogging thing, and if I think too long then that creative spark, that hit of inspiration, dies and I end up not going and making that first post on here. I actually made the blog, and came up with the name, which I’m pretty proud of if I do say so myself ;)) -a few months ago! And I kept waiting for an early morning, when it was the right time and I knew just what to write. I guess right now  I just thought i’d like to write about the longing I felt to start something, and just get my thoughts out there, just to see if anyone else felt the same.