The Secret Garden

So recently there has been a craze in ‘adult-colouring’ books, which are basically, well…colouring books for adults. :))

I loved colouring when I was little and  I admit that, until recently, I actually just used to colour in normal, children’s, colouring books. But then I saw these beautiful books, ones like Johanna Basford’s, and I loved the big, detailed pages  full of different patterns. She has quite a few different books that you can choose from. I myself have The Secret Garden, that one was my favourite.


And there are loads of other ones as well, little ones that you can take with you whilst travelling on trains for example, or ones full of just Mandalas that you can colour in. I even saw a Game of Thrones colouring book for those who are fans!

The main idea behind these books it that they’ve been made with the concept of being helpful with stress-relieving/mindfulness. These books aim to be helpful in de-stressing, calming down, that sort of thing. I think this is great!, but even if you don’t have some major issues, or stress, then for those of you who just want to have a little time-out from technology, and relax for a little while, maybe do something creative without getting all ‘Picasso up in here!’ then these are also great.

There’s something comforting about simply focusing on nothing other than whether to colour in those leaves in using dark green or light green, and whether to use a felt-tip or a colour pencil to fill this pattern in. Even just shading in a page with a pencil, at the end of a loong day, can be enough.