This is kind of a personal post, but I wanted to write about something that I am dealing with as of today..I just got my A-level results, and they were totally not what I expected. They were much lower than what I thought, and in one subject I got a U! I decided to write down what i’m feeling, and my thoughts, to help me work out what to make of the whole situation, and how to process it mentally.

Its hard not to think that because my grades were so bad, I am just not that intelligent, and to blame yourself for your own inadequacies. To think to yourself ‘what did I do wrong’ or what’s wrong with me?’, especially when I tried my best in the lead up to the exams and in the actual exams themselves. Like, if that was me at my best, and I still wasn’t good enough for even a pass, then I must be extremely incapable and lacking. But, just looking over this sentence I know in my own mind that I AM NOT UNINTELLIGENT, and I am capable. I am strong, and sharp, and as long I don’t lose faith in myself I will be fine. I can use this event to shape my future going forward, and push myself to do better, and achieve something I am proud of.

Another thing I am just considering, is how when other people that you know took the same A-levels as you did, and did much better, you again look at yourself at think, ‘why did I do so bad then, what’s wrong with me’? You just feel embarrassed and ashamed, and it’s not a good time for your self esteem.

But you just have to REMEMBER, you’re in control of your future from here on out, and if you don’t like how this particular situation went, the YOU have to work to change it, and improve and make something of yourself. And who knows, this can actually push you to go even further than you would have without it!

Canal Life

One of the things I love about where I live is that, just a 5 minute drive down the road, you enter the British countryside full of fields and sunflowers. On weekends, if we’re just at home, my family and I like to drive down to Mercia Marina and just walk alongside the canal.

There is plenty to do here as just recently a HUGE complex was built overlooking the marina, providing not only everything a canal-dweller would need from clothes to supplies for travelling the waterway, and even a pampering beauty parlor!, but also a canal visitor like ourselves. You can trawl the boutiquey (is that a word?hehe) shops and see whats on offer, my personal fave being the beautiful home interior shop called Zing Interiors. Or, you can have an afternoon snack in the coffee shop, and pick up something from the farm shop that’s with it! In the evenings, there is a lovely, classy place to dine in which looks marvellous when all the lights are on.

However, the best thing about going down to the marina is the canal itself. It is always so tranquil and peaceful, and it is so fun to look at all the canal boats lined up along the deck. Each one has its own individuality, and history and stories attached to it. The all look completely different, with bright colours and names. The canal also offers canal boat rides too! So you can hop onto one and take a trip along the marina and get a taste of life on the waterways, and an insight into canal life!

2016-08-07 11.33.44 12016-08-07 11.34.23 12016-08-07 11.34.26 12016-08-07 11.34.24 12016-08-07 11.34.28 12016-08-07 11.34.29 12016-08-07 11.34.33 12016-08-07 11.34.31 12016-08-07 11.34.34 12016-08-07 11.33.07 12016-08-07 11.34.37 12016-08-07 11.34.36 1Hope you enjoyed this, let me know in the comments if the canal looks like somewhere you would love to visit!..and if you like the pictures ;p .Thanks, xoxo

If you want more information on anything I mentioned, here’s a link to Mercia Marina’s website Mercia Marina .