On a trip to the Turkish coast last summer, on our final day my family and I managed to catch the much renowned ‘Tuesday market’ in Fethiye. The market was huge, winding on and on!, and absolutely packed with eager locals and tourists, both eager to bag some deals 😉 

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Entrance to the Tuesday market in Fethiye

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When you picture Turkey you imagine Bazaars teeming with fresh spices and turkish delight! This market was no exception, as the first stall in the market was a spice stall..in fact one of many!

We passed stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, chatting to locals who had grown all of the produce themselves to sell at the market! They were very passionate and friendly, as each one we passed encouraged us to try their fruit, handing us pieces of one exotic fruit after another to taste which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was a VERY hot day and the fruit was so refreshing. Their whole lifestyle, having all this locally grown produce made me wish I had that here in England!

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We walked through the market, which not only sold produce but also food, bags, shoes and clothing. All in all, it was a successful afternoon. If you travel to Fethiye, or are close by, then I would definetely recommend a trip trip to Tuesday market.

Have you been to any markets were you live? Do you enjoy going to them, and experiencing all the fresh food and hustle bustle? What’s your fave thing about markets? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts on the post too! xoxo 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Fethiye Market, Turkey

  1. Thanks, it’s definitely one on my travel highlights! I’m new at this (blogging), so your comment means a lot. I love the photography on your blog too, its so clear and pristine.😄👍💙


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